The Lilo Vineyard, on a south-facing hillside in the Santa Cruz Mountains, is a startlingly magical spot. Its incline describes a steep gradient rising 200’ from the bottom to the top of its 4.5 acres. The severity of the slope - and the dynamic tension one feels there- contrasted against the serene beauty of Monterey Bay laid bare below, suggest a compelling template for the wine itself.

Happily, no application of the Dark Arts - winemaking or otherwise- was required in pursuit of these aims. Any alchemy performed is through the terrestrial agency of sandstone, schist, and shale. We have nonetheless chosen to grace our label with a 16th century woodcut of a surfing sorcerer before a strikingly familiar coastline that eerily conjures up our own, and pays tribute to Alex’s outspoken ancestor, Susanna North Martin, accused of witchcraft and executed in Salem, Massachusetts in 1692. After a little more than a year in old French barrels, we bottled unfiltered on St Viviana’s Day, 2013. 

TA: 5.5 g/l, pH 3.62, Alc. 13.0%