The Bechthold vineyard is reputed to be the oldest plantation of cinsault on Earth. Joseph Spenker planted these 25 acres of ungrafted vines in 1886 in deep, Tokay Fine Sand Loam soils – an environment both inhospitable to phylloxera and completely allergic to renown or appreciation. For many, many decades, these vines stood quietly in obscurity, identified by the lesser-known synonym, black malvoisie. Only recently have the vineyard’s extraordinary qualities come out of the shadows.

Cinsault is a surprisingly versatile variety, especially as the product of 126 year-old vines. As a component of our rosé, it radiates nothing but sunshine, tenderness and light. But here, as a red wine, it reveals added dimensions of rock, earth, and deep dark fruit. Drink of it, and partake of vines that witnessed the birth of the automobile, the dawn of the 8 hour workday, and the dedication of the Statue of Liberty, La Liberté Eclairant le Monde. 

TA: 6.5 g/l, pH 3.42, Alc. 12.0%